How to Track Kids’ GPS Location?

As you see there are still a number of missing boys and girls that haven’t been found yet, for vulnerable kids, personally I do think it is quite necessary to have tracker installed on device so that parents can be informed of their locations and respond timely in case of anything bad happens. And this article is going to give you 3 effective ways to track your kids’ GPS location without any hassle. Learn More

How to Block Fortnite on iOS and Android?

Nowadays, children are so much into a video game named Fortnite. They could play it all day without eating properly or doing school work, and basically act like a zombie as soon as they arrive home. Excessive gaming time has negatively impacted your child’s wellbeing and it is time to intervene for their betterment. This article is going to show you how to block Fortnite both on iOS and Android device. Learn More

How to Enable Web Filter on Devices?

The world is only a click away with internet, but this is not always good for children since they are not mature enough to tell right from wrong. So measures should be taken to prevent children from browsing inappropriate contents. In this article, you are going to understand how to enable web filter on main devices including Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, iPhone and Android. Now let’s get started! Learn More

Remotely Track Contacts/Messages/Call Logs on Android

There may be circumstance under which we want to remotely track someone’s device, so this article is going to show you how to remotely track contacts/messages/call logs on Android. Keep reading, and you’ll also master how to manage your contacts, messages, call logs from PC and have them transferred between devices. Learn More

How to Set Parental Control on Instagram?

Children are spending more and more time on this platform which makes parents or guardians care about their online activities for they want to ensure that this social app is active for children to connect and share as well as avoid being influenced by any inappropriate things like cyberbully or any mature contents. Actually, there are settings on Instagram that help to manage privacy, interactions and time. And if you are not able to access to your kid’s Instagram yet desire to figure out what is happing there, PanSpy is always here to ease your concern. Learn More

How to Track Your Lost iPhone or Android

Things happen that when you were riding the subway in Manhattan and your smartphone slipped out of a shallow jacket pocket. As soon as you were off the train and the doors were closed ----- you realized your blunder. Or there maybe circumstance that when you shuttled in the crowd street, later sadly found your smartphone was stolen by someone. So have you ever thought you can locate your lost smartphone and even ban every operations of it with the track tool? Well you've come to the right place if so. Here we offer solutions for both iOS and Android. Learn More

How to Monitor Your Elderly Parents to Keep Them Safer with Their Consent

Let’s say you’ve got to be engaged in your work and live 300 kilometres away from your elderly parents’ home with concerned about how they are going to cope on their own without willingness to have a nurse. Probably you would like there being technology which enables you to keep a virtual eye on your parents so that you can go in and have a look at any time and know where they are and how they are going . Learn More

Keep an Eye on Juveniles’ Phones

For many youth, a cell phone is life. As the social "living room culture" has changed to an isolated "bedroom culture" which for one thing offers them a private space, cuts off the opportunity for parents to better understand their kids for another. Besides, those rebellious youth refuse to communicate even when they are being bullied. So it is necessary for parents keeping an eye on juveniles’ phones. Learn More

How to Track A Redmi Phone In Real Time

As the rapid development of technology, mobile phone plays an increasingly important role in people's life. Phone tracking become a trend these days, it doesn't mean that you are peeping someone's privacy, on the contrary, it's a good way to observe and regular your kids' behavior. People can also use PanSpy to find their phone that they've lost by accident or to find someone if they are in danger. Learn More

How to Set Online Parental Control

In today's society, the demand for parental control is increasing rapidly due to the booming Internet market. There is a huge amount of information in the internet, in positive, in negative, useful and inappropriate, it's hard for kids to indentify which one is good for them. So for parents, restricting and monitoring network can prevent the inappropriate content exposed to their children, it also is a good way to observe your kid's mental health. Learn More