How to Spy Facebook on iPhone or Android Device

Though Facebook has made the world different and connect people across the globe, a lot of people are becoming victims of cybercrime especially those teenagers who are getting to know the world and very curios about new things. So, as a parent, you should protect your child from this cyber threat by spying over their Facebook account. Learn More

How to Track Installed Apps on iPhone or Android Phones

It is not difficult to find that there is a large number of applications available on the market. Most Apps are fun, but some aren't, and can even present risks. Some of them are educational and entertaining, while the others are complete time-wasters and poses a lot of dangers to your child. Some of these applications could turn out malicious for your kids and employees. Therefore, it is always necessary to keep monitoring all the installed applications on the target iPhone or Android devices of your kids or employees regularly.Learn More

Top 5 Apps to Spy on WhatsApp for iOS, Android Devices

A WhatsApp messenger is a cross-platform and freeware, it enables you to send text messages, video calls, voice calls and other kinds of documents. Whatsapp is one of the most convenient ways to communicate with your friends and you must have persistent internet connection to use whatsApp. If you are a parent then you should have a need to monitor your kid whatsApp activities by using spy app. If you are looking for the best spy app to track whatsApp messages then you have lots of options. Learn More

How to Monitor Text Messages on Other's Phone

As a parents, you always care about your kids health, both physical and mental. Mental problem could be a terrifying problem for kids and parents. Especially in this digital era, kids are using phone for texting frequently. But for parents, you never know what messages they are sending for or receiving. Learn More

How to Spy Viber Messages Remotely

Viber generally escapes monitoring and hence, most cell phone spying apps don’t give required results for this messaging app. If you are concerned about what your kid is doing when they spend hours staring at their phone, then tracking their cell phone is a great way to put your mind at ease while keeping a close eye on them. Learn More

How to Monitor Calls on CellPhone

As a parent, do you care about who your child is taking to and who your child is getting touch with frequently? As a employer, you may be concerned about what kind of calls your employee made using company's phone. Children will tell their parents everything but unfortunately they sometimes don’t tell things that they should actually share. Learn More

How to Hack Someone's Kik Messages, Photos and Videos

Kik is one of the most popular social media platform. More than 300 million people have an active account on it and most of the teenagers use this popular application as an instant messaging tool. With Kik messenger, they can send free messages and photos and videos. Does your kid also use this application? Does this application make you worried about you children? If yes, it is time now to hack their Kik account to know what they are doing on this messaging application. Learn More

How to Monitor Employee Emails

With the increased use of electronic communication, employers might be finding it more difficult to ensure their business is running as efficiently as possible. Monitoring the activities of staff through facilities such as work email accounts is an effective way of checking they are focusing on the business during their working hours. However, despite these valid reasons, is it possible and legal then to monitor employee emails? How to hack the employee's incoming and outgoing emails on the monitored Android phone? Learn More

How to Hack Someone's Skype Messages, Photos, Videos, Calls

Skype has been around for years now and is very popular with individuals and business users. Using Skype you can basically send messages or make calls and video calls to other Skype users through an internet connection. It avoids having to pay for calls if you use an existing data connection or Wi-Fi. Everyone has their own personal reasons for hacking, but personal safety and security to closest ones are the primary reasons for doing so. Learn More

How to Track Someone's Location without Them Knowing

Many a time we must have noticed that Kids tend to take it to their ego when their parents scold them or ask questions pertaining to their activities and thus stop sharing their day to day affairs with their parents. This is when the need of spying on your kid becomes relevant as otherwise you woold never get to know what they are up to behind your back. Learn More